What are CSS sprites, and how are they used


CSS sprites are a bunch of images combined into a single image file. They're used in web design to reduce the number of server requests when loading a webpage. Instead of loading multiple images separately, you load just one sprite image that contains all the different pictures you need.

For example, imagine a blog with social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instead of having three separate image files for each icon, you'd combine them into one sprite image. Then, using CSS, you'd display only the specific part of the sprite that corresponds to each icon on your blog.

Using sprites makes your blog load faster because it reduces the number of requests to the server. This can positively impact your SEO because faster loading times tend to improve your website's ranking in search engines.

In simpler words, CSS sprites combine lots of pictures into one so websites load quicker. This helps SEO because faster sites rank better, making your blog more visible to people searching online. For instance, if your blog uses social media icons, putting them together in one image file makes your blog load faster and helps search engines find it more easily.